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626 W. Woodbine Ave
Kirkwood, Mo. 63122
Since 1989
    The vehicle we "Already Own", over time, are being forced off the road, right under our noses! Remember when you had to sit in line for your emission test to get your car licensed? Did you know that 10 year program removed 70% of the 1995 cars and older off the road? The inconvenience when people didn't pass, that's all it took!
    Have you ever counted how many new car commercials are aired in a three hour baseball game? Why you say? Repetition to anything on that level is a form of brain washing. The more you see, the more you feel the need for something you don't need. Is it because buying a new car benefits you and the economy? Or is this what they  want us to believe is in our best interest? Or is it in their best interest? Or, are they working toward forcing everyone into lifetime of car payments. 
    You are guaranteed to save a minimum of $10,000 in the next five years if you keep the car "You Already Own!" Find out what it would cost to bring your car to the shape that will allow you to keep your car five to ten years longer,  to beat the system! What could you do with $10,000?  Think about it!
The two parts shown above are water pumps off of two GM engines that are 15 years apart in age. The one on the left has actually three times more material than the water pump on the right. The one on the left, even though is has better quality material and will last 3 times longer than the water pump on the right, it cost three times less in price. The pump on the left is an example of the one on the car you "already own", the pump on right is the one on the new car you would buy and it will most likely fail before the car payments are finished. PLEASE DON'T DO IT!
GM sent out 14,000,000 recalls to all first and second generation cars for a fire hazard. When you take your car to the dealer, and you find out the repair needed is not covered under the recall, they will offer you a higher than KBB trade in amount to get you to buy a new car. Dealers will give you up to five years of free oil changes to ease your pain for the 5 years of car payments you will have to make. This is just another way to put the independent repair facilities out of business. "PLEASE DON'T DO IT!"
Did you know that 95% of dealers locate their service departments waiting area right off the new car showroom? This makes it convenient for the dealer to  sell  a new car when the repairs cost more than the person thinks the car is worth! 
NADA and Kelly Blue Book are written to benefit the car insurance companies, new and used car dealers and people who are looking to buy a used car. In my thought, a car that is built five times better than a car built today, costs half as much to fix it when it breaks, and will outlast today's cars  five times longer, tells me it should be higher in value, shouldn't it?